Tires and Rims

Tires and Rims




MobGums tyres were established in 2008 and quickly spreaded the race market. Within a short term our brand has won numerous titles.

We have won numerous national titles all over europe and even in the US we dominated the competition at the Snowbird Nationals in 2012.

Drivers like Jilles Groskamp, Alex Hagberg, Juho Levanen, Markus Mobers, Vesa Yli and Jan Asmer use/used our products with big succes!!

We are European Champions 1/12 Stock 2013+2014, European Vice-Champions Modified 1/12 2014 and German Champions in 2015 + 2016.

Lately MobGums took the win in the Reedy 1/12 Race 2016 and took two podium spots at the 1/12 Euros 2016.



From now on we sell our all new MobGums DISHERS line. These new genius wheels and rubber compounds have been tested for over

one year in an intense way. The protoypes of those new tyres have been used at the Snowbirds, German Nationals and of course at the EFRA European Championship 2014 with huge succes!

The wheel is a full disk wheel front and rear. To avoid weight we have chosen Nylon as material, which is light and strong by the same time.

The wheel design makes it almost unbreakable in combination with low rotating mass.


Coming to the rubber compounds, we found pink and magenta the best choice at front for any carpet or circumstances.

Choosing a rear compound is slightly different. Rear pink is a great allround choice everywhere for sure, especially for clubracing/racers. But, there is also some new compounds in our rear tyre range that allow more fine tuning. White and silver are compounds that work perfectly on high traction. For low traction, fuzzy carpet or oily track conditions brown rears is the way to go.

If you are not sure which compound to choose, simply drop us an email. We have more than 30 years experience on any kind of carpet!

MobGums 1/12 tyre range, the new quality level in 1/12 racing!


Product Price in Euros


MobGums 1/12 front tyres, silver compound 9,50
MOBF032 MobGums 1/12 front tyres, magenta compound



MobGums 1/12 front tyres, white compound 9,90


MobGums 1/12 front tyres, green compound 10,50
MOBF035B MobGums 1/12 front tyres, brown compound, NEW!! 11,50


MobGums 1/12 handout front tyres for 1/12 GT 9,90


MobGums 1/12 rear tyres, pink compound 9,90
MOBR135 MobGums 1/12 rear tyres, silver compound 9,90
MOBR228 MobGums 1/12 rear tyres, brown compound 11,90
MOBR335 MobGums 1/12 rear tyres, white compound 10,50
MOBR29G MobGums 1/12 rear tyres, green compound 10,90
MOBRGT MobGums 1/12 handout rear tyres for 1/12 GT, NEW!! 10,50